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Dick Truxaw:

started drawing at a very early age. He seemed to be pulled towards technical drawings. Drafting intrigued him along with cartooning, so impulsively Rube Goldberg designs seemed to flow from his youthful fingers! Mechanical measurements and precision elements related to this form of drawing ultimately lead him to his present style of realism.

What is Realism:

Dick is a realist. Realism is the precise detailed and accurate representation in art of the visual appearance of scenes and objects. The art is drawn or painted in PHOTOGRAPHIC precision. Dick’s desire is for the art lover to be drawn into his paintings after first seeing them from afar, perhaps thinking they are photographs, however looking closer into the painting you will discover even more details, fully experiencing a feast for your eyes!

Dick has had a professional commercial art career starting in 1979 in Kansas City, Kansas. He worked for Nelson Studio for ten years deciding to Freelance as an Illustrator in 1987. Another highlight in his career after working in nearly every area of Graphic Arts, was to live his life long dream of being a syndicated cartoonist for three years illustrating the ‘Dr. Katz’ cartoon strip for the L.A. Times  Syndicate which was associated with Comedy Central. Dick has won many awards in his life time along with being published in Hot Air Top Airbrush Illustrators and Spectrum (the best in contemporary fantastic art). 

Dick met his wife Christy in art school in Waterloo, Iowa in 1977. They have been partners for over 40 years, they have three grown children who are all married and nine grandchildren.