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Ordering Giclée Prints

The Little Wave | Acrylic | 24×36 | $10,400

Gallery Wrapped Canvas $800 / Fine Art Paper $200

I painted this wave from a  photograph I took one stormy day at the beach. It is a wave that is crashing close. Which is why I titled it The Little Wave. I have always been interested in how powerful waves are and spend a lot of time looking at them. This particular wave is one that the energy was moving from both ends to meet in the middle and create the crash!!

The Walkover | Acrylic | 24×30 | $7,800

Gallery Wrapped Canvas $600 / Fine Art Paper $180

This painting is probably my most popular painting to date! It is our very own walkover on A1A welcoming you to our beautiful beach here in Flagler Beach. It’s in the summer months with the sun just starting starting to rise.

The Buoy | Acrylic | 24×30 | $7,800

Gallery Wrapped Canvas $600 / Fine Art Paper $180

The first time we saw the Buoy it looks just as I’ve painted it sometime around 2003 from a photograph I took. However time and Hurricane Matthew have changed it so much that most of it is buried, and the top pieces are all gone. It can still be seen right off A1A along the county line of Voulusia and Falgler Beach.

The Fisherman | Acrylic | 24×30 | $7,800

Gallery Wrapped Canvas $600 / Fine Art Paper $180

The Fisherman is one of my most loved painting from true Floridians! When it is being viewed most often the folks start remisnessing about some loved one who loves to surf fish. This was a combination of photo’s I took to create this winter scene of a cold foggy morning of surf fishing in Flagler Beach.

Bulow Plantation Ruins | Acrylic | 18×24 | $6,500

Gallery Wrapped Canvas $350 / Fine Art Paper $130

I painted this from a photograph I took of the Bulow Sugar Mill ruins. We love bringing visitors here to learn about the history of Bulowville. The Bulow family coexisted peacefully with the Seminole Indians since 1821, later on the Government decided to place local Indians on reservations, and the state militia arrived on the property and John Bulow decided to fire a 4′ cannon at them. For this act, Bulow was imprisoned in his home, not even being allowed to eat at his own table. Shortly thereafter, the militia withdrew and Bulow realized his lfe would never be the same and followed the Troops to St. Augustine. After he left Bulowville, the angry Seminoles burned the Bulow homestead to the ground. What I painted are the remains of the planation.

Fairchild Living Oak | Acrylic | 20×24 | NFS

Gallery Wrapped Canvas $400 / Fine Art Paper $140